Cat & Dog Ultrasound & X-Ray

Our emergency animal hospitals contain highly advanced diagnostic tools for testing and diagnosing, including cat and dog ultrasounds and x-rays.

Nikki W.

"Excellent service. All of the staff were compassionate, knowledgeable and patient answering all of our questions."

Nikki W.

"Excellent service. All of the staff were compassionate, knowledgeable and patient answering all of our questions."

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Whether your pet sees us for severe vomiting, a laceration injury, potential broken bones, or is experiencing an emergency situation from an unknown cause, our in-house lab along with our digital radiology & ultrasound equipment can help provide valuable support in our effort to diagnose and treat your pet.

All of our locations offer these advanced services which allows us to perform a variety of tests with greater accuracy and in less time. Meaning, we can more efficiently diagnose your pet to ensure they receive the care they need when they need it most.

Contact your nearest location today if your pet has sustained an injury that requires immediate medical attention.

Our In-House Veterinary Laboratory

Our facilities in Highland, Westville, and Mishawaka can perform a wide range of tests in-house to evaluate blood and organ function, screen for diseases and infections, and more. Many underlying health issues in dogs and cats can escape detection without a thorough assessment, and our testing capabilities allow us to connect the dots and find answers to guide your pet’s treatment.

Digital Radiology

Digital X-ray is one of the most reliable tools for detecting and diagnosing conditions stemming from the bones, heart, and lungs. In some cases, it can also reveal foreign bodies. The digital technology we use in our hospitals outclasses traditional film X-ray in many ways, including:

  • Using significantly less radiation
  • Taking less time
  • Providing sharper, higher-quality X-ray images
  • Allowing our team to save and email X-rays to your veterinarian for review
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When dogs and cats see us for internal issues that can’t be properly detected with blood work or X-rays, we might turn to ultrasound for a better assessment. Ultrasound for dogs and cats is quite similar to human ultrasound in how it functions. The goal of such a procedure is to check for abdominal issues, including the presence of fluid, and to better visualize the other soft tissue organs and blood vessels. Tumors and cysts also show up well during ultrasound procedures, along with foreign bodies.