What to Expect when you Visit EVCC

Guidelines and Tips when visiting our Highland, Westville, & Mishawaka IN Locations

We welcome you back inside!


  • We ask that you call prior to leaving for the hospital so that we may advise you as to current wait times and the location best suited to serve your pet's medical needs.
  • Once you arrive, please bring your pet into the vestibule and ring the doorbell for entry.
  • One of our team members will check in your pet, and place you into a room or seat you in the lobby until we are ready to see your pet. You are also welcome to wait in your vehicle once your pet is triaged and deemed stable.
north central diagnostics


  • We recommend no more than 2 people accompany a pet to the clinic
  • We ask that all pets be restrained on a leash or in a carrier for the duration of their visit.
  • Please keep your pet's belongings with you.
  • Your pet will be examined, and a doctor will discuss their recommendations.
  • We will present you with a treatment plan and associated costs at that time.
  • After diagnostics and/or treatments have been performed, we will discuss the results.
  • At discharge we will provide discharge instructions. A technician or receptionist will review the discharge instructions and answer your related questions.
  • Payment will be collected at the time of service.