How Can I Tell if My Dog Has Heatstroke in Highland and Westville, IN?

Whether you live in hot climates or not, your dog may be at risk for heatstroke. Heatstroke is common in dogs who have been left unattended in vehicles (even on days that don’t seem too hot to humans), and it is also common in certain brachycephalic breeds. Additionally, heatstroke may occur in dogs in Highland and Westville, IN who have underlying health conditions that can exacerbate it.

Heat stroke in dogs in Highland and Westville, IN

6 Signs that Your Dog May be Experiencing Heatstroke in Highland and Westville, IN

In this article, you’ll learn some of the most common symptoms associated with heatstroke in dogs. With the help of this information, you should be better able to tell whether or not your dog may be suffering from this very serious and unfortunately often fatal condition.

Some common signs your dog may have heatstroke include:

Excessive Drooling and Panting

The first symptom of mild stage heatstroke in dogs is excessive drooling, which often goes along with excessive panting. Dogs at this stage may be just beginning to feel the symptoms of heatstroke but haven’t yet gotten into the more serious stages. They will drool and pant to try to cool themselves down.

If you notice your dog behaving like this and know he has been in hot temperatures, take him indoors immediately. Put him by a fan or air conditioner and give him plenty of fresh, cool water to drink. Lay cool washcloths or towels on his feet to help him regulate his body temperature.

He may be okay at this stage without vet intervention if you catch him early enough.


Vomiting is another mild stage symptom of heatstroke, although it is an even more concerning one. If your dog starts vomiting, he may quickly become dehydrated, which is very dangerous for dogs. Dogs who are dehydrated may reach fatal levels of dehydration in just a short amount of time.

If your dog is dehydrated and suffering from heatstroke, your vet will give him IV fluids. You should take your dog to the emergency vet in Highland and Westville, IN immediately if he begins vomiting after spending time in hot temperature conditions.

Weakness and Lethargy

As your dog becomes sicker and enters into the moderate stage of heatstroke, he will become weak. This symptom occurs because of the loss of hydration in his body as well as the heavy toll heatstroke is taking on him. Your dog may be unable to stand up at this stage, and he therefore will be unable to get a drink of water, too.

Dogs who haven’t quite reached the weakness stage may become lethargic instead. They may be able to stand up, but they aren’t interested in anything or anyone. They may not show any signs of wanting to drink water, even if they need to do so.

Increased Heart Rate

In the moderate stage of heatstroke, your dog’s heart rate will increase to cope with his elevated body temperature. This is dangerous when coupled with other symptoms associated with heatstroke and it may quickly lead to more serious symptoms as well.

If you can feel your dog’s heart beating erratically, too quickly, or too hard, this is a sign he is suffering from heatstroke. If this symptom is not accompanied by any others on this list, however, your dog may have something else wrong. Your vet in Highland and Westville will be able to tell you for sure.


Seizure is a very serious symptom of heatstroke that occurs in the late-moderate stage of the condition. If your dog is having seizures related to heatstroke, this means he is moving into the severe stage. Seizures themselves are not usually fatal to dogs, but they can signify that your dog is not going to survive without medical assistance.

Seizures can be caused by other conditions, such as epilepsy, which are common in certain breeds. If your dog is having seizures without any of the other symptoms on this list, chances are good that he isn’t suffering from heatstroke. If this is his first seizure, however, he should see a vet anyway.


One of the final stages of heatstroke is unconsciousness. If your dog has become unconscious due to heatstroke, it may be too late for the vet to help—but you should still take your dog to the emergency vet in Highland and Westville anyway. This stage is very severe and often fatal.

You should never leave your dog in a vehicle unattended or outdoors without shade and water on a hot day. When you refrain from these actions, you can significantly reduce the risk of heatstroke in your dog and help keep him safer and healthier overall as well.

What to Do if Your Pet is Experiencing Heatstroke Symptoms in Highland and Westville, IN

Heatstroke is a very serious condition that requires immediate veterinary care and attention. With the right medical response, your dog should be able to recover from mild to moderate heatstroke. Sadly, many dogs do not survive severe heatstroke, so it is crucial to seek medical help for your dog before he reaches this point.

At Emergency Veterinary Care Centers, our team of highly skilled emergency vets are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you never have to wait for your pet to receive care. Our primary focus is emergency, and we’re here for you and your pet when you need us most. Heatstroke in dogs can be very serious, which is why time is of the essence when seeking treatment for this condition.

If you have questions or fear your dog has heatstroke, please contact our animal hospitals in Highland and Westville, IN or stop in right away.

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