Lisa Polazzi

Dr. Polazzi joined EVCC even before it opened. She came on board to help set up our first location in Westville. Dr. Polazzi always wanted to become a veterinarian and her career has been focused on emergency veterinary medicine. In addition to completing an internship at an emergency clinic in North Carolina, Dr. Polazzi also worked at an emergency clinic in Atlanta, Georgia prior to joining EVCC. She has enjoyed helping grow EVCC from an after-hour start-up emergency clinic to multiple thriving 24/7 emergency hospitals. Dr. Polazzi says, “There is nothing as rewarding as sending home a sick or injured pet after several days in the hospital.”

In her spare time, Dr. Polazzi enjoys training her dogs and competing with them in agility and flyball. She is one of two County veterinarians for La Porte County and is an active volunteer with the Dog Agility Project in Porter County. She somehow also finds time to enjoy hiking, reading and traveling.