Lindsy Power

Dr. Power grew up in a Navy family, moving to a new location every few years. With homes in California, Florida, and Virginia, change was the constant. One thing that her family instilled in her from a very young age was love and respect towards animals. She volunteered in a shelter setting as soon as she was old enough and her interest in a veterinary career blossomed from there.

Dr. Power was drawn to emergency medicine after working as a veterinary assistant in a busy emergency clinic in Virginia Beach during her gap year, prior to entering veterinary school. She loves being able to help people when their pets are at their worst and provide excellent patient care to those animals in need. She loves EVCC due to the compassionate and welcoming environment it provided for a new graduate.

Dr. Power met her husband, Dr. Masri, during the first day of their veterinary school orientation at Purdue. They graduated together, moved, got married, and started new jobs in the Northwest Indiana area in just two short months. They currently live with their two cats, Lillie and Luna, and their bunny, Roro. Her hobbies include knitting, hiking, being a crazy cat mom, and traveling as much as possible.